BMW Z3 or Z4 that is the question !!

The BMW Z3 M Coupe and Roadster were little rockets, as the big M3 engine was far more powerful than its lightweight body needed.

Plus, its compact size made it an absolute go-kart in the handling department. But M variant or not, the BMW Z3 was one of the most fun roadsters of the time,

We have also noticed that well cared low mileage examples of these beautifully Z3 cars are starting to mature into desirable classics and prices are starting climb

They’re great to look at and are also outstanding value at the moment that is why here at winsupercarsandclassics we are currently searching for exactly that a low mileage, wide bodied Z3 for our future super and classic competition.

Following the strong second act of the BMW Z3 came the Z4. The BMW Z4 was bigger, faster, more competent and better looking. In fact, the first-generation BMW Z4 was quite the looker at the time, with a very old-school look.

Its long hood and short rear deck evoked sports cars of the 1950’s and the driver was almost sitting on the rear axle.

The BMW Z4 also had its own M variant, the Z4 M, which also came in Coupe or Roadster form.  However, the Z4 M was a bit more of a handful to drive. This did made it tremendous fun, though, and it would waggle its tail out on command.

Overall, both the Z3 and 4 are real fun cars to own and drive.

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