Win A Jaguar XJR

Win a Jaguar XJR , these early jaguar XJRs are becoming increasingly rare and extremely collectable and here at are doing our utmost to find a pristine example for you to win in our next competition.

Up until 1994, the super saloon category was the preserve of BMW and Mercedes, with the M5 very much the car to beat. Then along came Jaguar with its XJR, using an Eaton supercharger to squeeze 321bhp from the venerable four-litre inline six.

 It was enough for 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds and a 155mph top speed, putting the British firm right in the heart of prestige performance motoring.

When the X308 model arrived in 1997 with a range of new V8 engines, Jaguar continued with supercharging and the new XJR came with 370bhp.

 This added power dropped the 0-60mph sprint to 5.3 seconds, and plenty of buyers were happy to fill in the order form when the Jaguar was some £8000 cheaper than a BMW M5 when new.

Jaguar still uses supercharging on several of its V8 models today.

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